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Monday, May 2, 2011

Berlusconi appeared before the Italian judiciary in corruption case

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Berlusconi appeared before the Italian judiciary in corruption case

Such as Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi before the court in the Italian city of Milan in a corruption case.

And Berlusconi to face court sharply criticized prosecutors, accusing them of Bizlalh intime, which must be to do things better.
Berlusconi described the accusations against him as "pure fabrication. "

Berlusconi faces charges in four cases, three of which related to corruption and fraud, and one accused of having sex with a minor.

Prosecutors have accused Berlusconi and his son Pierre and a number of other officialsof fraud for the right to broadcast at high prices, a charge denied by Berlusconi.

This is the second time that represents the Berlusconi before the courts in a series offour or five meetings, will lead to a decision on whether he should stand trial on charges of fraud and exaggeration in the pricing of the rights of a television purchased«Mediatrid - R ATI», one of his companies from the company "Paramount "And otherAmerican companies.

And back like last time with Berlusconi before the courts to June 2003 in the case of a failed sale of the Group «SMIL»For food crops to businessman Carlo Pindety where he received an acquittal after four years.

Berlusconi is facing two other issues in addition to his appearance in a third case called"Ruby" Gate, "where he was accused of paying the dancer Morocco claims for sex andRuby was a minor at the time and tried to exploit his position to release it when stopped.

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