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Monday, May 2, 2011

Killing of Bin Laden: Welcome and international calls for security and warned the Pakistani Taliban threaten revenge

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Killing of Bin Laden: Welcome and international calls for security and warned the Pakistani Taliban threaten revenge

Still dead click here al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden raises the repercussions andreactions respond to reverberate around the world, as it continued statements of leaders and international officials welcoming the killing of bin Laden by the force of the U.S., while the Taliban has threatened Pakistan, the attacks on Pakistan-US Nations in retaliation for the killing of Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda leader.

And competed and news agencies in the feverish attempts to uncover more details of the operation described by military observers as "very daring"by the unit that includesmembers of the elite team that specializes in counter-terrorism and follows the U.S. Navy.

And called on the international police organization, "Interpol's" commitment to more caution and confirmed that the killing of bin Laden does not mean the eradication of al Qaeda or affiliated organizations.
To resolve the doubts were raised about making sure of the identity of the person who was killed in the process U.S. official said today that preliminary results of the analysis of DNA show "match a large degree of trust of up to 99.9 per cent" that the person who was killed in Pakistan is Osama bin Laden.Special task
President Barack Obama has announced in a televised speech aired Sunday night that bin Laden's press here, was killed in a military operation carried out by the special U.S. commando unit last night.
The president said he ordered the U.S. military mission against a residential compound in the town of Iept Abad outside Islamabad that killed bin Laden, and the operation carried out by elements of the U.S. Special Forces, did not result in casualties among U.S. forces attack.
The president stressed that Obama noted in last August, the place where he Eogod where bin Laden in Pakistan, intelligence and efforts have been made with the greatest of secrecy since that time to make sure that information.
The process, in which an exchange of fire, did not result in the fall of civilian casualties.Details about the operation

Participated in the process four helicopters.
Bin Laden was hiding in the palace is located in a neighborhood in the town father, Bilal Abad km from the Pakistani capital, a distance of 80 km.
Aircraft launched from a Pakistani air base north of the country.
Been detained women and children who were in the building.
One of the planes crashed, leaving no casualties.
With bin Laden, was killed three men, believed to be one of them the son of bin Laden.

Was also killed a woman and injuring another.
Targeting of the complex process that lasted less than 40 minutes.

The U.S. administration did not know the Pakistani authorities for details of the operation because of the sensitivity of developments. (Pakistan was informed only after the completion of the process and make sure to kill bin Laden).

Very limited number of U.S. officials were aware of the operation carried out today.

Were killed by bin Laden shots (shot in the head).

U.S. intelligence has sought to find two men close to bin Laden for several years (through the intelligence information has been gathered from several sources, including the detainees in Guantanamo).

Four years ago, U.S. intelligence learned of the identity of the men (not publicly revealing their identities, but they were killed today along with bin Laden).

In August 2010 found the intelligence skyrocket to the apartment complex which houses the two men and then increased suspicions that they may Iooyan an important figure in al Qaeda.

Estimate the value of the compound was about one million dollars and did not include the Internet or phone service.
He stressed that "justice has been achieved tonight," killed the leader of al Qaeda.
The crowds of Americans outside the White House if the spread of the news.
U.S. officials said later that the battle that killed bin Laden took 40 minutes, which also killed one of the sons of al Qaeda leader and a woman says U.S. agents that bin Laden used it as a human shield.
These officials said that two helicopters, "Black Hawk" took up about twenty members of the Implementation Unit, has been disrupted, prompting one force to the destruction and return in the other aircraft.
However, Nasir Khan, a resident of the town Oept Islamabad, the seat of bin Laden said that the planes were hit by heavy ground fire.High alert
A U.S. official said that the size and design of the complex, which was bin Laden's home to have surprised the Americans, he is surrounded by walls with heights ranging between four and six meters, an area greater than eight times the size of houses next to it in the city and an estimated value of about one million dollars, but it is not equipped with connections for phone or Internet.
The complex is situated a few steps away from the headquarters of the Pakistan Military Academy, a prestigious military school in Pakistan and comparable to the Academy, "West Point" of America or the "Sandhurst" British.
A U.S. official said last that the information that resulted in the killing of bin Laden, has been kept secret even from the closest allies of the United States, did not know that information is the only group on the fingers inside the administration.
He also announced that the body of U.S. Msowlon bin Laden have been treated according to Islamic law in terms of accelerating buried, and they were dumped in the sea so as not to become his tomb to a shrine.
The U.S. government put its embassies on high alert and warned its nationals against the possibility that al-Qaeda reprisals.
The United States was soon chasing bin Laden since the attacks of September 2001, but it did not now be able to capture him and kill him. It is believed that bin Laden was hiding in the rugged Pakistani-Afghan border.

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