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Monday, May 2, 2011

Site "Twitter" the first of the proceedings of the killing of bin Laden directly

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Site "Twitter" the first of the proceedings of the killing of bin Laden directly

Handled websites on the Internet news of the killing of al Qaeda leader Osama binLaden in northwest Pakistan.

The social networking site "Twitter" a race to publish the proceedings of the operationdirectly by a participant at the site.

And dissemination of electronics engineer living in the city of Islamabad and facts abt operation carried out by American commandos, moment by moment without knowing what their purpose and who is the target.
Science and Eng Sohaib Athar truth of the matter following the announcement of U.S. President killed Osama bin Laden and the details of a formal process.
Books and cleanse the highest yet on Twitter Sunday night "The helicopter flying over my father felt," adding, "This is a rare occurrence."
Then wrote a new comment after I cleanse the windows of his house shook by a huge explosion, "There has been a large explosion shook the windows, I would not it be the beginning of the development repugnant."
Then publish the last comment after talking to other friends on the Internet, "Some people online say that the helicopters are not Pakistani."
Then spoke about the fall of one of the purest helicopters during the attack, saying "People say that the helicopter did not fall because of technical failure, I have heard a heavy exchange of fire."
Although U.S. officials have stressed that the process took only 40 minutes but the purest stated that the heavy security presence continued in the area for more than two hours. "
And speaking the purest himself saying, "I have decided to stability in the city of Islamabad refused because I believe it is quiet compared to the city of Lahore, and here is the result."
Athar said the BBC that he had received "a flood" of requests for interviews with him by the international media organizations because of his comments on Twitter.
He added that he was not surprised that the only person who wrote about the events, explaining that he writes on the twitter site five years ago from the city of Islamabad, which my father did not know about one, and most of which use the Facebook site.
Twitter did not race in the transfer of only the facts of the killing of bin Laden, but it also ranked first in the announcement of the death of al Qaeda leader.
He wrote, Keith Urban, director of the Office of the former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on his to "twitter" "that he had information from a trustworthy person that bin Laden had been killed."
The news spread consisting of less than 140 characters very quickly on the Internet and that an hour before the announcement by President Barack Obama the official success of U.S. forces in the killing of Osama bin Laden.

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